Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice

Rice an I have had a contentious relationship. For the longest time I had issues making rice. I’m not talking about instant rice. Me, a bag of parboiled rice. a pot and some water. Too much water and the rice turns to mush. Too little water and the rice is still hard and nothing can save it. For these reasons I tended to stay away from rice. Instant rice loses some of the nutrients in the dehydration process. Instant rice also looses some of its flavor so companies compensate by  adding their own exotic herbs and spices and aromas. Doesn’t sound too appetizing to me. I want to control the spices. Adding aroma?!? This really makes my head spin.

Here is a recipe that I absolutely love from It’s a great side dish for Mexican food. Leave the cumin out and it’s just a great side dish. It is very easy to make and incredibly tasty. It also heats up well the next day for left overs. The recipe calls for chicken broth (instead of water). I was running low so I added some vegetable broth along with the chicken broth. It was awesome. It is equally good with just chicken broth. Be careful when making this dish. You need to be there watching and mixing the rice when you are cooking in the vegetable oil. Keep stirring and the rice won’t burn and the result will surprise you. I make this often. 

This recipe was my counsellor for my relationship with rice. We’re all good again. 🙂 

Link to recipe:

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