Shepherds Pie

So here is a great comfort food recipe. It doesn’t take very long to make and the result will have them raving about the result.

I based this recipe on one that I saw on All Recipes. I made quite a few modifications to the original recipe after some experimentation. (which is what cooking should be, in my opinion). Don’t ever be afraid to change things up. Cooking is subjective and everyone has different tastes. So, add, delete, the things that you like and dislike.

The amount of cheese in the recipe is just a guide line. I usually grab an handful and go with hat feels good to me. We all love cheese in my house so there is never too much cheese. I cut back a little on the onions. Some of my family can only tolerate so many onions. This is what I meant when I said experiment. Make each recipe your own. Tailor it to you tastes and that of your family.

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